These days I can’t weather what’s on your mind

It’s as if you turned into a complete stranger before my eyes

Those visions of you and I suddenly turned into dust

And the love I thought we had was erased and thrown away for a second

We’re face to face yet we have lost that connection

Our eyes meet but they won’t stay in that manner for too long

My mind is filled with notions of your mysterious aura

How I wish I could decode your being so that I can justify

There are a thousand and one stories behind your smile

And I’m trying to figure them out one by one

Honey, you are too classic and you never go out of style

All I see in you is perfection even when you come to me undone

I lost count of the moments that you and I had

Neither have I gauged the seconds that your eyes have met mine

If my eyes are recorders everything they have witnessed

I swear I would have them filled with your every little secret

Loving you at this corner is a struggle to be stuck into

Never had the right words nor the guts to lay them upon you

I’m forever lost in this feeling of insanity over your being

To spend my life with you is all that I am seeing


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