words left unsaid.

People used to say, “Some things are better left unsaid.” Unsaid. Unspoken. the words that did not come to life. How come they were left on the shelf?

There are some certainties about our feelings that don’t exist in the horizon. Somehow, from their respective graves, they come to haunt us. All the damn time. Burying these notions in the first place is a serious crime to commit yet no punishment shall be bestowed.

It is ridiculous that we tend to escape our own reality and create an alternative world wherein everything is crafted and fabricated the way we want things to be. I guess everyone has got that world behind their backs. Behind the spotlight, everyone is a victim of truth.

Personally, I have some words in the back of my mind that I long to utter. Yet some circumstances would not allow me to. Love is bothering me. Right now. At the moment. On point.

The words I have left on my shelf are starting to knock me off – all of them one by one. So why the hell did I intended to hold them? It’s not a question of courage or sincerity but for some reasons, some lines meet at a point and that point is the point of no return.


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