I wandered until I lost myself in a sea of people

Gazing through the blinding rays of the sun, it was the change of season

Like the autumn leaves falling down into the ground

They filled the places like puzzle pieces; each voice finds its sound

I look beyond what the world is trying to portray

The truth is sicker than all the lies that has been spoken

Love is left in the corner like burnt cigarettes on the ashtray

A thousand and one stories my heart has been laden

Your eyes breathe sparks through my entity and I am ablazed

My bones are filled with chills and this heart see clear no more

Bound by a strength but somehow freed by a weakness

This magic is pure and magician is playing encore

You held my hands, kept me close and hadn’t let me go

Tomorrow is uncertain but today is still a holy grail undiscovered

The past might have been ruined but it speaks the way it shows

Pain is served on a platter and we dined with our hearts scattered

The atmosphere is empty and so as the connection that once stood by

We face again tomorrow but that would be a chapter yet to be written

The pages are blank but there are plans left to unfold for you and I

This heavy heart is unfathomed; still a window of chances are yet to be taken


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