ATM with Bryan | 01

Hello everyone! I’m on a vacay for 6 days and next week, I will be back to school, finishing up term requirements for the final period of the 2nd semester. I actually made a note of what I will be doing tonight and for the weekend. Looking at the list, literally gazing down the bulleted items of my to-do list itself is a struggle. So here’s my ‘currentlys’ for the moment.



some blog’s to keep myself in the loop on how to improve this blog. Maybe one day this blog will gain attention. Well, I wish so. I’m trying to open up on social media particularly on my blogs. Yes, blogs with an s. I have to blogs and writing has always been my passion.


ATM with Bryan. This is the 1st ever volume of the blog and I feel so free writing. Aside from that, I’ve been planning to return to writing since I haven’t been writing for the past 10 months. And trust me, that is horrible. No, I haven’t been blogging for 5 months. I just remembered I set up a blog late last year on WordPress.


to Billboard Hot 100 Chart on Spotify. Thank you Lord for this playlist! I get to listen to my favorite song and keep myself updated with the fresh tunes in the planet. I feel blessd that social media makes it easy for me to track down my quick fixes for the day. Haha


about writing and blogging. At the same time, I am anticipating this year’s summer. I have some plans but I don’t know how to bring them to life. I want to create music, write more songs and chill out.


fresh air, like green green grass of home. Lol. But yes, I am in my province Cavite particularly in my mother’s hometown, Trece Martires City. It feels good to breathe fresh air, far from the pollution in Dasmarinas where I reside during weekdays. Don’t get me wrong! I love the city life with all of its mess like pollution. Haha. It’s just good to be refreshed with a new environment this time.


for enough strength and wisdom for the next 3 weeks of school. Lord, I promise to do everything for Your greater glory. I want to just enjoy school and stay away from my stressors especially *insert a long list of people I want to avoid*.


to have more time to relax and finish my school works before Monday. Well, it’s Friday by the way so TGIF! Anyway, I will be coming back home to Mendez tonight so I can start with my school works. Haha


a Le Frouge shirt and blue shorts. Comfy for the summer weather. Summer’s here! I can taste it already! Haha


the fact that I am writing and I get the time to spend the Holy Week with some of my relatives. For the past years, a lot of us have been busy with work and school especially because my elder cousins are already embarking on their work and careers.


to get back to the city and party or go on a night out with my main. It’s been a while since I last hung out with them. I miss my high school friends so much! They remind me of who I am. I swore to save some more bucks so that I can be with them in the next ganaps. I miss Tagaytay as well.


a pen and a paper and some good tunes to start writing a new song! And also a charger since my laptop’s battery is already on 10% right now. Haha.


relaxed and chilling out. I turned off my phone and it’s been quite funny from that moment. I don’t have to check out on my messages or Facebook chatboxes because I want time for myself. Feeling a sense of freedom on a Friday is a big thanks to the Lord!

I will also be posting this blog entry on my Tumblr blog so you guys can see them either way. How did your Holy Week go? Just be sure you’ve accomplished something productive because I did. Lol. See you on my next blog entry. – Bry