ATM with Bryan | 02

To the ones reading, welcome to another edition of my blog series ATM with Bryan! As you have read on my last entry, I mentioned about becoming a more productive blogger. Here we go. These past few days, I’m busy studying, finishing up thesis and finalizing some term requirements. Yes, that’s how I spent most of my days and nights this week. I get a good 3 hours of sleep each night. Well, I usually go to bed at 2AM and wake up at 5AM to get ready for school. Don’t be tricked; I do snooze my alarm and sleep for a couple more minutes. That’s me. If there is something that is worthy of sharing aside from my sleeping habits and exams, that would be the hype of this summer.

Damn. The weather is killing me and I can taste summer already. But hold up, school’s not yet done with me [despite the fact that I’m so done with this semester]. I have seen maybe a hundred posts about hibernating on summer. That’s not the case for me tho. I’m making my summer productive. I can’t spill my plans yet and I don’t want to spoil you either. Here is a list of my currently’s at the moment.



the About Maine section on If you don’t know, I really look up to Maine Mendoza’s blog and perhaps, she is one of the reasons why I returned to blogging. Take note: I write blog entries in one sitting alone. I don’t really have time to post a pending blog entry and go back to it when I’m free. So what I do, I finish them right away. I also have a WordPress blog but I usually write here on Tumblr.


ATM with Bryan’s 2nd volume. Writing is my passion. I don’t have to tell anyone that I write songs, poems or blogs. I’m not after the attention I get. I’m all about the fulfillment everytime you press on your pens and watch them bleed through the paper. I believe I don’t have to brag or tell anyone that I write – because I don’t try to impress people. When I write, I’m just being me and it is where I find freedom.


to Iggy Azalea’s The New Classic album. I’m a fan of rap music. If you don’t know, I listen to Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Eminem. That was random though. I listen to all these rap albums because I can feel the spirit of swag and angst prevailing. That is probably a side of me that I don’t get to show to everyone. Music brings me confidence – the thought that I don’t care if people will like me or not.


about my plans before the weekend. Truly, I have plans of pursuing some things before the week and the semester ends. But on the other end, I need some people to accompany me. Apparently, most of the people I want to be with are not free or are already scheduled for that time. This summer, I have plans of catching up with my high school bestfriends. I miss them so much and I can’t wait to tell them a bunch of stories about my first year in college.


Greenwich lasagna and some carbonated drinks. They are all beside me by the way. Too bad, they weren’t mine. Haha. I can smell a very dry and warm breeze of air. The weather has got me sweating all day long. The only thing that get in the way of summer is the remaining school day. Aside from that, everything I smell tells me that summer has finally arrived!


for air conditioning units to know where they belong. Honestly, I need them right now. Kidding aside, I also wish for some things to fall into place. Maybe not now but eventually. I’m not going to spill some more details but some things are bothering me for the past couple of weeks. I still think about it but I know these calm atmosphere won’t stay a little longer. I’m staying positive, putting my faith in people that in time, they will change for the better.


for some more time to spend with my college friends. Well, we all know that school will be out for 4 months and the opening of classing will be on August. I admit, I will miss my life here in Dasmarinas. For the next months, I will be back to my hometown. For the 10 months, I haven’t stayed in our house for a week except on term breaks. I manage to go home on a weekly basis and for 10 months, I spent my weekdays 9and probably some of my Saturdays) here in Dasmarinas.


a white v-neck shirt and a pair of Tribal jeans. I used to find this comfortable but at the moment, I’ve been sweating a lot and I don’t know how to dry my shirt. I should stop bragging about the weather. Complaining makes the setting worse. Anyway, I will be going home tonight and I will be returning tomorrow morning only to pass a requirement and after that, the sem is finally over.


the fact that some people find my blog interesting. Thank you for visiting my blog again. I know my entries are so damn long but I hope you read through each line until the last one. *sighs* I never knew blogging would take so much of an effort on my part. Haha. I also love the fact that I’m heading off to vacay after the past 2 rough and hard weeks. Thank you so much Lord!


to find a room for some peace and quiet. Indeed, it is kind of traumatizing to exist on social media. People, without trying to understand, give meaning to all of my posts without asking me what they were all about. I hate people who makes conclusion without asking you what you’re about. When you’re out of the loop, don’t assume you know what’s up. If you’re interested, don’t jump to conclusions. You can ask me about my posts and if you’re not in the circle, why bother?


people who will understand me with or without a single word coming from me. It’s hard to share opinions nowadays. At the moment, I need people who will understand me, not those who will doubt me because of their lack of trust. If you don’t trust me enough, you will never understand me. I guess my visions are too big for one’s narrow point of view. No worries, this time I’ll keep them all to myself.


happy-free-confused-lonely, all at the same time. I really don’t know what to feel anymore. I’m not sure but I know that there are a lot of emotions that I’m feeling right now. I’m back to my normal self, the Bryan that is seeking understanding over attention. I never wanted attention anyway. All I need is to feel that people understand me. Understanding, is it too much to ask for?

Woah. It has been a rollercoaster week for me. Thank you for dropping by! I will be posting this entry on my other blog on WordPress. You can follow me on my social media accounts and you can find them all on the ‘About Bryan.’ section located to the right of this page. Thank you so much for reading! Enjoy your vacation everyone!