ATM with Bryan | 03

Hello there! Since I have been quite productive with blogging, I would like to publish a new volume of this blog series. I would like to keep you posted with what’s up with me or how I am doing as of now. I am currently reading a novel, writing poems and songs and catching up with my favorite TV series. I can’t do them on a daily basis but I find time to squeeze them right in if I’m free or not doing anything. (Staycation is really a struggle and it’s hard to do stuffs when you’re at home.)

Meanwhile, I miss going to Dasmarinas lately. I‘ve been stuck at home for quite some time now and it’s driving me crazy. This weekend, we went to the dentist twice and I will visit again on Friday. By Friday, I will be travelling to Tanza alone because my mom would be at school. Yesterday, me and my mom went on a lunch date at Giligans after getting my braces checked.

Yes, you read it right. I got them braces on. With that being said, here’s a list of my currentlys.




some blogs that would inspire me to write more. I honestly want to write during my spare time. I love visiting blogs. I admire people who love art so much that they express their life through it. Hats off to all the bloggers out there!


another edition of the blog series. I have been writing poems as well lately. I think this is the most effective way of killing time. While school starts next next month, writing would be a good means of learning. I believe that when you write, you learn on your end.


to the weird sound of the electric fan. I turned it on and placed it on the table beside my bed together with a cup of coffee to accompany me and my writing. The sun sets and the night would run in. I already hear the crickets out there. (I find crickets annoying but without them, silence could be deafening I swear.)


about the Cavs’ championship win earlier. I woke up early to catch that game and it’s awesome to see the Cavs get the win over the Warriors. Lebron James got the Finals MVP plum but I think Kyrie Irving deserves the recognition as well. It was a close game with Cleveland winning over Golden State by only 4 points.


the scent of coffee beside my laptop. As you are supposed to know, coffee is my best company in everything. The aroma of coffee is something I adore in coffee shops, making me want to stay there the whole time. My bad. Why did I mention about coffee shops? I badly want to hit one and talk with my friends. Right now.


that I can be more productive that I am right now. I want to add a few more works on my routine and I’ve been fixing my body clock by waking up early (so that I can do and finish work early) with the help of my alarm of course. I set them at night just so I can refrain from oversleeping. Wait, is there such word as oversleeping?


that you (my beloved readers) are having a good time checking out my blog. Apart from the reason that I am doing this for myself, I also do this for the people who appreciate my work. It feels heartwarming to know that people are interested with what you’re doing or your thoughts about certain matters.


a brown muscle shirt with the word ‘SOCCER’ printed on it. Apparently, I still can’t play soccer on my Messenger because I have a hard time having it updated with the internet speed and my phone’s memory is almost full. That was sad. I’m also wearing a white pair of shorts. This is a normal combination of pambahay clothes.


life at the moment. I love the music that I listen to. They put me in the right mood to get things done. I love the fact that I’m waking up earlier (I used to wake up at noontime) than before since it is healthier not to stay on bed for too long. I love the fact that I am in a healthy state of mind. No anger, bitterness, hate or any negativity. For that, thank you Lord for healing me.


to make adjustments to be more ready for school though it’s early to make preparations right now. I want to move around more and avoid the unhealthy stagnant lifestyle. Hopefully, I get to do the things in my bucketlist (apparently they’re only on my mind) before the school starts this August.


another cup of coffee because I am about to finish this cup. Though I just need to find new inspirations and think deeper. I need to read and write more so that I can have a peace of mind. One thing that I love about art is that it never makes me feel anything negative. It calms me and makes me more focused. Therefore, I conclude that I, Bryan Albert Llamado, am promising to be involved with arts more often.


fulfilled and satisfied that I am able to work on another blog entry. YAY! Cheers to this one! I’m happy that my readers are finding time to read my blog entries. There are other blog requests that I have received and I’m working on them. Note: This blogger is finding more ways of writing at the moment. Stay tuned for further announcements.

If you have blog requests, just message me using this site. Keep them coming! I hope you all are having a good time spending summer (rainy days I mean) and to those who are back to school, best of luck and give your best shot always! Keep it safe and locked in. – Bry. (062016)

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