ATM with Bryan | 05

Hello readers! Thank you so much for dropping by and paying my blog a visit. 🙂 There is nothing significant about me at the moment. I’m stuck at home (nothing is spectacular about it I swear). This is much to the adjustment made with regards to the academic calendar. Well, I attended Rheza’s debut party last week (it was Tuesday, July 5). Rheza is one of my college friends and being a part of her special day (or night) is a joy on my part. I’m planning to write an entry about that soon but for now, I’ll be writing another volume of ATM with Bryan.

I hope you’re finding this blog series worthy of reading though. I’m a bit frustrated (and confused) about this blog series. I’ve thought of renaming this into something else– apparently, I haven’t come up with a clever title yet. So if you have suggestions, I’m willing to entertain them. 🙂 So let’s get it on! Here’s another list of my currently’s. Enjoy scrolling!




John Green’s Paper Towns. I love this novel! I’ve seen the movie adaptation first (my bad since I’m not that fond of books) before reading the novel. I must say that I love the book. I love figuring it all up in my head, with the words starting to clutter and tinker with my imagination. I’ve (successfully) related significant details of the novel to the film (and it kinda makes me feel great).


ATM with Bryan. I have plans of editing this blog series soon! Haha. For now, I’m also working on other blogs. I have entries ready for publishing but on the other hand, I have pending entries that I can’t finish (and it makes me feel more frustrated). It makes me sad that I can’t finish an entry. :(L But I’m checking on them from time to time and I can’t wait to share them to you once they’re all done.


To Taylor Swift’s You’re Not Sorry, a song from her 2008 album, Fearless. Damn. I love this album so much! (y) There are a few tracks that have remained close to me (and my heart) from the very first day I heard them. So much feels, I must say. No doubt this album went on to win Album of the Year at the annual Grammy Awards.


About the drafted entries I haven’t finished. It really makes me sad (and frustrated) for not finishing them but I’d like to think that now is not the right time for them to be unleashed. So far, I have more than 10 blog entries in queue for posting. I’m also thinking about featuring prose and poetry on my blog soon! YAY! I know it’s a good idea. Watch out for them.


The not-so-fresh scent of my blanket. Haha. I’m planning to change my bedsheets by the end of the week but the weather won’t let them dry in case they head on to the laundry. Trivia: I only sleep comfortably when I’m all wrapped in my blanket. That’s true. I love tucking myself in between the sheets whether it’s hot or cold. Blanket weather every day. Haha


For more and more productivity! Damn. I just feel like my sleep pattern has gotten a lot worse (and I’m not exaggerating I swear). I wish to do more things and move around the house more. Since school’s going to start in roughly a month, I’m itching to get on a productive mood so that when school starts, I’m ready.


For more and more ganaps! Haha. I just want to go to Tagaytay with my friends. I miss hanging out with them. L I hope we can be able to spend some time together because I know (for a fact) the when school starts, we’ll barely see each other. That’s sad and I’m missing them more every day. I hope we can go see a movie or just hang out at one’s place.


The One Run singlet I got from this year’s USC event and a blue Boracay-printed shorts, just the right pair for a usual day at home. The jersey-like singlet proved to be a comfy top for the days when I hate sleeves while this pair of shorts have always been a favorite much because of its color. ♥


How the things are going rn. I get to talk to my girlfriend regularly, check out on my friends, write and blog, and do the things I should do on a daily basis. That deserves a big hooray! But still, I need to be more productive and avoid wasting time. One more thing I love: my braces. I got them on both of my upper and lower set of teeth.


A more reliable internet connection. I can recall just how upset I was after registering to a promo which did not ‘work.’ An evidence to how pissed I was that time – I messaged Globe on Facebook just to tell them how madly upset I am for their service. And guess what? They did not respond well and kept giving me practical ‘tips’ that I already did before contacting them. Wow! You guys deserve a round of applause.


A crazy not-so-little thing called money. Yep, I’m broke and there’s nothing I could do about it. Haha. But I’m completely okay with it. I just miss school because I used to splurge and spoil myself with my sick obsessions like food, clothes, prepaid load, random gala and night outs/dinner. But one of my goals is to save this upcoming school year. How ironic, right? Ugh.


Satisfied that I am finishing this blog in one sitting! That deserves a big YAY! I really do stay up to write because I’m finding it uneasy to write during daytime. It’s just satisfying that I’m able to write (and stay up, I love night life for reals). I hope I can finish my other blogs soon! I’m crossing my fingers to that. 🙂

How about you? I hope you’re all having a great week! Enjoy the bed slash cuddle slash rainyweather, everyone! And mind you, we’re halfway through 2016! Thank you, Lord! Till the next entry. – Bry

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