ATM with Bryan | 04

So how do I start another blog entry? Haha. I’m finding it a bit awkward to say a greeting at the very beginning of my entries. Just in case you’re wondering how I work on blogs, I’m going to spill a secret. I only write in one sitting (because I fear that if I don’t finish them right away, I won’t be able to go back and redraft it). I usually write a draft on Word or using the Notes feature of my phone. I write whenever I want. And I shelf them until it is the right time to publish them.

One more thing, this ATM with Bryan series of blogs is inspired by ‘The Sunday Currently’ by Siddathornton. In my case, I don’t necessarily write volumes of this blog during Sundays. I write anytime of the week but you can always know the date of writing (the date is featured on the title of each entry). So here we go with another set of my currentlys.




Maine Mendoza’s The Pessimistic Optimist Bella. I stumbled upon this entry 5 REASONS TO START BLOGGING and it was posted way way back before she became Eat Bulaga’s Yaya Dub. I find her blog so interesting (that I am digging up older entries to read them). As you all have noticed, I’m setting up a personal blog (because I initially opted a prose and poetry blog) and I’m posting up blogs about how I am at the moment.


ATM with Bryan (I lost count of the volume number). I just really feel like writing now. Aside from I want to share with you my two cents, I want to write because I know I will be busy when the school starts. I’m trying my very best to be a productive blogger and blogging is life. Haha


To Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll album just because rock music hypes me up. Lately, I had it figured out that rock and alternative music (those tunes that you can bang your head with) lift up my mood and I’m doing more work when I’m listening to them. So now, I’m digging Fall Out Boy. PS. I hope you like their music as well. 🙂


About the one that got away. Lol at that. This ain’t drama but there is this one friend who I used to be super close to. I’m just wondering where she is right now and what she is up to. On the other hand, it is our Tropa’s (I again lost count) monthsary today so I changed my Facebook DP to one of our classic photos. Go see it.


The iced choco milo drink I prepared earlier. I missed Milo so much but I already vowed my loyalty to coffee (but it isn’t bad to try something different at times). I also smell the scentless breeze of air from the fan. I turned it on because pinuputakte na naman ako ng mga lamok.


for peace of mind and a not-so-screwed-up body clock. Damn. I again went back to this bad habit of sleeping at 3AM (or 4AM sometimes) in the morning and waking up at noon in time for lunch. I guess I’ll try sleeping early but I’m usually busy reading or writing. And I’m not a morning person at all. 😦


For a ganap because I’m really really really bored at home. Haha. I hope to visit the mall (well, I just did last week) just so I can find time for myself. I badly miss the atmosphere of the city. I hope that I can also check out Tagaytay. It’s been a while! Since I lived in Dasmariñas, I never had a LEGIT ganap in Tagaytay (aside from the Antiques night last December).


A brown jersey like shirt, a pair of white shorts and my brown sandals. This is my usual pambahay at home and also at the dorm. I want to change and wear a pajama because it’s cold or maybe I could just turn off the fan. Lol


The fact that I am a productive writer lately. But with the active blogging, I barely find time to watch the videos (most of them are related with music) that I downloaded and read from the blogs that I follow. I usually bookmark them so I can get back to them anytime. But I still love the fact that I am writing more that reading or watching. ♥


To have not only a healthier but more of a productive lifestyle. I believe I can do a lot of work in the morning and just chill by the afternoon. But when I wake up at noon, I finish all the work at 4PM which is also convenient for me. But I want to eat breakfast in the morning. So what do I do now? I’m torn. Haha


Time to soul search. I want to write about the world – not just about me and how my world revolves but more of what happens outside. I need to travel. I need a day off this routine. I need a long, crazy and tiring roadtrip or whatever. Haha. I need chill times – my definition of chill sounds more like books and coffee shops.


Satisfied with how I’m doing right now (but I still desperately need a change in lifestyle). I notice that I am doing work at home faster but I’m not losing extra pounds for them – a sign that I need to work extra harder and be more physical. But believe it or not, I feel productive now more that the last 4 weeks of summer. YAY! 🙂

So how about you? How are you doing? I hope you all are having a good time at school or at home. Thank you for visiting my blog! Happy scrolling! 🙂 – Bry. (062816)

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