ATM with Bryan | 07

There have been a lot of on goings lately–visited random cafes around the city, finished tons of term requirements, breezed through a hell-like busy yet productive prelim week and hit the barwith my high school friends. I would like to share them all to you through blog entries but this week seems to be a busy one (more like an extension of the prelim week). I wouldn’t mind promising that I will draft entries each for the prelim week and the night out with my colleagues for they are really ‘blog-worthy’ in terms of highlights. Sit back lang kayo, ako na bahala sa kwento. 😁

The last time I wrote a volume of ‘ATM with Bryan’ was more than a month ago. A lot has changed since, thinking it has only been a month. I feel blessed with so much more than I deserve and it humbles me knowing that I’m not in the best position to be worthy of the blessings. I can’t catch the right words to describe the way I feel but I hope you figure it out. (As much as I want to revive the rest of my blog series,) all I can offer this time is a list of my ‘at the moment’s’. Happy scrolling! 😊




Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Yes, I’m still not done with this book. For some odd reasons, I can’t seem to continue flipping through the pages. Maybe it’s the plot, or the uncertainty of the next chapters, or simply because my mind is not yet ready for a fantasy novel. Either way, I’m finishing this book before the movie comes out (hopefully, *crosses fingers*).


Another volume of ATM with Bryan and working on a whole bunch of upcoming entries. I can’t wait to share the recent ganaps here on my blog but I’m looking for a legit timing and setting to blog (write), probably a coffee shop check in on a homework-less night. *notes it down on my planner* 📅 Plus, I’m working on a few visuals to accompany the entries (fancy photos and editing applications, ya know).


To Taylor Swift’s The 1898 World Tour live album. There is a film of this album which is exclusively available to Apple Music subscribers (I wish I was one, though). Flaunting my inner Swiftie vibe with this playlist. Anyway, I have downloaded a couple of R&B and Rock albums which I haven’t played yet. And recently, I’m stuck on local tunes in the likes of Eraserheads, Up Dharma Down and South Border.



About other things to blog about. I must admit, there was a certain point last week when I got extremely sad over a hectic sched with zero time for blogging. #bloggingislife 💻 Let’s just say that I’m pursuing a lot of blog-worthy activities recently yet I have no time to write them down or put them into words. How ironic! One more thing I’m thinking about: Upcoming midterm lessons.


The scent of the choco drink I finished after dinner. I still have the empty tumbler filled with chocolate stains beside my laptop. I also had a glass of fresh milk to accompany my meal earlier. #bestofbothworlds 🍶 It smells like Hershey’s but you can also trace a bit of sweetness in its odor. I also had the same drink for lunch (naadik na). #chocooverload 🍫


For a productive but not-so-busy week ahead. I desperately need sleep as I spent the entire last week burning midnight candles. A week that’s not loaded with school works, is it too much to ask for? 😵 When you’re fresh off a hell week, you really feel this sick need to catch up on sleep and the rest of the things you missed. Free time is a luxury to be considered at this point of the semester.


Be able to focus on things that are really really worthwhile. Last week sucked the best and worst out of me that I wasn’t able to make time for the things that count. #priorities 📚 Quite frankly, the things that bring genuine joy to me tend to settle below the list and it’s rather dismaying. But hey, school is also a priority but I hope it’s a little less depressing to me (and the rest of my blockmates of course).


A pair of biking shorts, a pair of pajamas with no top, already in my sleepwear. I’m actually planning to sleep shirtless unless we use the aircon. Earlier, I’m on my slacks (which was repaired during the weekend) and PE shirt (no undershirt, the PE shirt itself fits around my body so well) and changed to rush guard and cycling shorts during Swimming class. 🏊


The fact that I survived the prelim week which came off as a long, hard and busy one. Each day, I’m chasing deadlines for term requirements and paper works. Each night, I’m trying to stretch that hands of the clock to scan through my notes and review. I survived the week and haven’t missed a single school work or major exam. #thankyouLord 🙏 Okay lang na walang tulog, basta nakapag-aral.


Anything and everything that’s associated with food or eating. I’m craving for fast food and sweets such as ice cream lately. Life Hack: If you’re craving for something sweet, drink sweet beverages like soda, milkshakes or juices. It works! (In my case, it really does but too much sweets, nah) I’ve been craving for Bon Chon as well (since last week) but I’m too lazy to lift a finger. Ugh! (You might as well check my Facebook wall; been sharing mouth-watering foods all week long).


Probably an escapade or a getaway somewhere north bound. I really need to immerse (yes, I used that term) myself to a different environment. That brings out my creativity and the overwhelming feeling hits me so hard that my creative juices for poetry jumpstart. I need new inspirations for my blog and for photography as well. I guess I need something, an element, that’ll make me fall in love with art more. #onthelookout 🔭


As I have mentioned earlier, blessed. There is that moment when you’ll come to the realization that not everything is perfect but when you look around you, goodness prevails. But along with the blessings we receive come hard word and effort. You can’t just sit around pretty all day long and wait for a blessing to come your way. You gotta work for it! And I suppose the reason why I’m feeling blessed is because hard work is paying off. #forevergrateful ❤️

Everybody have a productive and pleasant week ahead! Thank you for dropping by! ☺️

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