Reblogged: What It Really Feels Like When Someone You Love Cheats On You

Reblogged: What It Really Feels Like When Someone You Love Cheats On You

Cheating on someone is one of the worst (I repeat – WORST) things you can ever do to someone. To you, it might have been all a game, but to them, it might have meant everything.

Whether or not you’re doing it to fill a void or just for the thrill of it, when you cheat on someone, you’re doing more than just hurting them. You might be unaware of the consequences of your actions, but let me tell you, for someone who has been cheated on, it will always be some sort of reminder to them – it will always haunt them. It is a concoction of heartbreak, anger, regret, anxiety, and shame all rolled into one.

When you cheat on someone, you’re telling them they’re not good enough for you. That you never loved them.

You may beg to differ, but how can you put someone you truly love in such a position? To make them doubt their self-worth? To make them question everything they thought they knew about you? To make them believe that their trust was completely misplaced?

“Did I do something wrong?”
“What could I have done to prevent it?”
“Why did this happen?”
“Am I not good enough?”
“Why did you do it?”

– are questions you’ll ask yourself over and over again when you’ve been cheated on.

You don’t cheat on someone you love. Period.

When you cheat on someone, they’ll always be emotionally scarred. They’ll have their walls up because they don’t want to ever be hurt that way again. To feel like your world is crumbling, to believe that things like that happened, but just not to you. You see it in movies all the time, but we all know what happens in the movies and what happens in real life are two completely different ball games altogether.

They won’t let just anyone in; and even when they do let someone in eventually, they’ll always be guarded.

They’ll be paranoid, and you can’t blame them for it. Even if they’re in a new happy relationship, they’ll carry the hurt and the emotional baggage from the previous relationship into their new relationship – whether it be conscious or not – and it can’t be helped. They’ll always be suspicious, but don’t blame them for it; they’re just afraid that the same thing will happen to them again, and they can’t go through something as painful as that ever again.

They’ll want to trust again, but it’ll be difficult for them. They would take forever to learn how to trust, and how to be okay. Even if they’ve come to the rational conclusion that their cheating ex is a horrible person, you’ll somehow still fear that every future partner has or is cheating on you. Congratulations, you’re now an emotional wreck and a mess inside, and you’re going to spend every waking moment trying not to imagine the worst because you believe you’re completely broken.

When you cheat on someone, what you really mean to tell them is this: “I don’t love you. I don’t respect you, and I don’t care for/about you. I didn’t think about us, and how this would affect us. I was only thinking about myself.”

Is just one person not enough for us anymore? Aren’t we supposed to just find one person whom we think is worth it, and always stick by them through the good, the bad and the ugly?

When you love your partner, it means you respect them. And when you cheat on them, you’re betraying all of that. Isn’t it absolutely apparent that loyalty is fundamental in any relationship? We don’t need a Guide Book for Dummies for that, do we?

So please, leave if you must, but don’t cheat on someone you love, because that is the worst kind of damage you can do to someone who loves you. 


Reblogged: Musings

I am somewhat strange, difficult, and not your kind of perfect
I stay hidden behind prose with a box of secrets waiting to be unpuzzled
And for a long time I havent felt what it’s like to be in the state of utter bliss
With a faint whisper, I say to you
Distance can be traversed
Time can be reversed
Scars may be evident
But beyond these walls, don’t stray
Seek further
Sorrow will be buried beneath the ashes
We will find beauty, smooth and easy
And for the rest of my days
I’ll get lost in your gaze

ATM with Bryan | 08

Hello November! 👋 Time flies too fast indeed. It seems as though yesterday, we were just anticipating 2016. Now we’re down to the last 2 months of the year (and fam, we gon be lit). Aside from the fact that it is my birth month (and I’m ready for the month-long birthday greetings), this season is definitely the busiest yet most wonderful time of the year. No one can argue with that. I could already feel the Christmas season vibes–it’s everywhere. 🎅 In sharp contrast, I don’t feel that my birthday is approaching or maybe I’m too preoccupied to breathe in the bday vibes.

On the other end, it is also the kasagsagan of midterm week and I am chasing deadlines and examination schedules. #stresspamore 😵 It’s probably one hell of a factor to consider why I’m not getting the legal age feels. The stressful part actually started a week ago and I shall say that the exam week proper (sort of) extended the nerve-wracking rush. A long weekend due to holidays is consequently coupled up with a long list of school works to finish. Putting all the rants aside, let’s breathe in all the positivity that we can. To start the month off, I’m giving you a list of my at the moments. Happy scrolling! 😊



Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy. 📖 I’ve actually seen the first 3 movies (Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant) and I must say that I’m deeply gravitated towards the story of Tris Prior–and that notion inspired me to read the trilogy. The 4th and last installment of the film series, Ascendant, will be released next year (the producers decided to split the last offering into 2 halves similar to Twilight and Hunger Games).


the 8th volume of ATM with Bryan. 💻 Of all my blog series, this is the one that I am proudest of–it contains the real and authentic Bryan and I’m (trying to be) more honest each time I compose an entry under this label. I’ve been writing a lot of poems lately in between class discussions and as much as I want to share all of them with you, I’m paving the way for other blog worthy ganapslately. *winks*


to Calvin HarrisThis is What You Came For. Not to bring the Calvin-Taylor issue on the surface but this song is a pretty good one. 🎧 Now here’s to all the majestic collabs that they could’ve done if they didn’t split up. *note sarcasm* 😂 Recently, I have downloaded Lady Gaga’s Joannealbum and no words could fairly describe my adoration for the album. Each song on the record is precious and personal. 🙌

Image result for lady gaga joanne album cover


about how to celebrate my birthday (in ways more than one). 🎂 The more resounding thought is ‘how to celebrate your bday when it’s the middle of the midterm week?’ That has got to be cruel. But seriously, I’m planning to celebrate my day in a number of ways with different set of people each. If my sched allows and moolah comes into play then probably I’m good to go. 🎉 #legalage


*sniffs* 👃 the unbearable and freezing smell of air conditioning units. I used to hate air cons–well, I hate them until now. *coughs* I can’t seem to stand the odor of the cold air blown by air cons and the low temperature that lingers even after you turn them off. Apparently, we have an air-conditioned kind of low temperature in Mendez but it surely is natural and fresh. ❄️ #OnlyInMendez


for the final term to be smooth and easy-going. Wishful thinking it is, I know. Babala: Wag umasa! ⚠️ Christmas season is indeed getting closer (parang The Chainsmokers lang ‘diba?) and it wouldn’t sound awful to wish for my professors to be EXTRA generous this time, right? Final terms are usually the hardest and most ngarag in terms of requirements and demands–not this time, hopefully. *crosses fingers*


for everyone to radiate positivity. *clears throat* At this point, all I seek is peace of mind and I wouldn’t take a good grip on it unless I eliminate toxic people (I have zero tolerance for bullshit and it ain’t worth my time). Good riddance, though. *sigh* I am growing up and it’s about time to make crucial life choices–one of which is to outgrow all the negativities that I accumulated. 😇 #SignsOfAgeing #LoloVibes


a foundation day anniversary shirt from high school and my high school PE jogging pants (both of them are green). This is my usual sleepwear–a shirt and PJs. I usually arrive at home in time for dinner and changing to my sleepwear is the first thing I do the moment I reach my room. Today is a Friday so I wore a Lasallian shirt matched with jeans and a hoodie at school earlier. #keepingitsimple ✅


my Instagram feed. 📷 I just finished my usual ‘12 photos per feed’ using a filter under the Legacy collection. I’m extremely satisfied with my previous feed (and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way). Up next: Street Etiquette. 😍 By using one of my new favorite filters under this pack, I’m looking forward to a dull and laid back feed. I’ve been madly in love with Instagram lately and for no apparent reason, I could spend hours scrolling through the app alone. Check out my Instagram feed: bryanllamado


perhaps a spontaneous beach trip / getaway. 🌊 I desperately need one (if you have no freaking idea)! Lately, I feel like my soul is longing for the sands, being by shore and witnessing waves. Blame it on the fact that I spent the long weekend at home while my friends traveled during the entire layoff from everything. What’s good? Nothing. I just drowned in envy and I swear I’m fine. #okaylangtalagaako


some sort of a ‘reward for all the hard work and effort that I exert in everything I do. 🎁 It’s as though I needed a prize or a token–be it material or not–that’ll make me fall in love with ‘work’ more. School has been stressful recently so I yearn for time away from academic demands and requirements (and I’m absolutely sure that you get the same feeling sometimes). Reminder: It’s okay to feel stressed. You are human, after all.


in love? ❤️ Take that, but twice as blessed, equally loved and reasonably positive. *counts the adjectives and adverbs used in the previous phrase* There is no lone adjective (in my vocabulary) that I can use to describe the way I feel so I decided to write down a phrase. #EnglishMajorsBeLike 💁 Plus, the midterm week is forbidding me to exude even the thinnest strand of bliss. Ugh! Too blessed to be stressed. #stayingalive 📚

Wishing everyone to have a splendid weekend ahead! By the way, thank you all for sending your birthday greetings. Greatly appreciated. 😀

Bry x 110416