ATM with Bryan | 09

Hello everyone! Christmas is indeed near. 🎄 *sends out positive vibes to y’all* How’s December so far (not to mention that we’re a few days shy from 2017)? As for me, everything is just well–a tough and groundbreaking semester just ended and the Christmas vacation slash Term break has just begun (and I’m going to YOLO this). The week prior to the finals week went difficult and I’m passing requirements every day; got a breather on Thursday and finished school works on Friday. For the record, I managed to function for 3 straight days on 6 hours of sleep, which is insane.

Contrary to that, the finals week went tranquil–with only 2 minor subjects to stress about since I have finished the remaining subjects early on. Now, I’m patiently waiting for my grades to be uploaded on the Portal. So far, I’m making the term break worth my while by catching up on my favorite TV series, seeing old films and finishing the novels that I’ve started reading during the previous semester. I’m feeling extra productive today to I decided to write an ATM with Bryan volume (spend some minutes writing something that you could read). For now, I’m giving you a list of my at the moments. Happy holidays! 😊



Veronica Roth’s Insurgent–the second book in the Divergent trilogy. I just finished reading Divergent last night so today, (technically speaking) I started reading Insurgent. I also plan on reading other series such as The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner (which have film adaptations already but apparently, I swore to myself not to read another unless I finish Divergent so…) #doubletime


the 9th volume of ATM with Bryan but aside from this, nothing (you read it right, nothing). I paused for a while from writing poetry to read more and gather inspirations (I assume you know that I have an inspiration but I’m pertaining to intangible one like concepts or thoughts). It’s crazy how I manage to switch roles from being a blogger, to a poet and to a writer–they are, as far as I’m concerned, different things.


to Bruno Mars’s 24K Magic album–this album is honestly and surprisingly a banger (well, we’re talking about Bruno Mars here). 🎶 Note: the album is filled with explicit lyrics but nonetheless, it’s a great jam. I also like The Weeknd’s Starboy album. In fact, I play both records back to back, one after the other, alternately. I do that in regret of downloading albums and not listening to them right away (and another album comes out so I end up not listening to some records at all).


about the next blog entry that I should publish. I scrupulously have a number of blog entries waiting for queue–some of them are in order since I follow a pattern on my blog (3 Instagram photos; 2 blog entries) while others are waiting for complementary visuals. That is why I refrain from blogging lately (because I don’t think I can post all of them considering the sequence that I use). #abangan


the energizing scent of Milo (I have a cup beside my laptop at the moment). The odor got me singing Help beat energy, energy gap / Beat energy gap, drink Milo every day. The song sounds catchy to me, though. Anyway, I just have to say that I immeasurably love the smell of Milo–I can have it anytime of the day (and by saying, I mean, I can have it at 4:00 AM or at 11:11 PM, irrational).


for Aguinaldos or Papaskos to come at their free will. Honestly, I haven’t saved a single bucks during the semester so I’m struggling in terms of financial status right now. Kidding aside, I think I’m too old (note: I just turned 18 last month) for Christmas Aguinaldos. Truth is, I start to worry if I’ll be receiving anything this season because I sincerely have no source of income as of speaking. #sendhelp


not to miss the upcoming ganaps of my squad. *crosses fingers* This holiday period, we all agree with the fact that most ganaps and walwal times take place this season and as much as I want to stay at home, I can’t afford to miss these happenings. I just missed a walwal night recently–Danielle and Haree’s bday blast–due to a scheduled dentist appointment and Christmas shopping (and I can’t let that happen again). #walangmakakapigil


a black Kin shirt and a white short from Boracay–my type of comfy pambahay pair. Fun fact: (brace yourselves because this is not fun at all) I haven’t been to Boracay. Unhappily, the only beaches I have visited are those in Batangas. During the last holiday break (October 31–November 2), some of my friends took the time to travel and go to beaches or even out-of-the-country while I spent the whole damn time at home. 👏 #mahusay


the fact that I have a lot of time to do the things that make me genuinely jovial: reading, poetry, TV-babad habits, coffee and so on, and so forth (most of them are, I suppose, gravitated towards introversion). I also love the weather–just the right mix of heat and breeze. There is something else I want to put in this ‘Loving’ section–her and everything about her (but I guess I’ll put it in a separate entry). #workingonit #thisisTHElife


a legit fastfood fix, something burger-ish or gravy-ish. Since I got out of the city, there’s one thing that I undeniably miss–food. I bet you all agree with me when I say that I’m (sort of) used to the food at home. I’ve had mad cravings for Bon Chon and Yellow Cab recently and I’ve been itching to eat out for dinner somewhere in Tagaytay (plus, the vibes in that city–perfect for night outs).


just her (not sure if it’s even a joke or something but jokes are half meant, right?). Here’s the thing, I, in good conscience, want to tell you guys about it–maybe share a story or two but just like what I said, less talking, less chances of jinxing so maybe we all could wait. #satamangpanahon 💏 Needing, probably a more reliable internet connection to update my blog and post some photos on Instagram (I’ll be starting an new feed so watch out).


disappointingly lazy and downright unproductive. 😓 It’s just that I don’t feel like I’ve done something (recently since the term break began) that I can absolutely call industrious. After a hard-hitting semester, I thought of hibernating–and this is the ungodly aftermath of burning midnight candles. Perhaps, I need a few more days at home to feel the urge to move and be productive. *sighs*

So how’s the Holiday season so far? From my fam to yours, this is Bryan wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🎉

Bry x 122216