The latter half of the year saw the light for me and my friends to turn 18 one by one each month from August all the way to December. Finally, the entire squad enters legality with Gelay turning 18 this month (welcome to the club, Gelskie!). This happening meant more to me than just growing old and adding a year to your age but somehow, I suddenly felt that we have grown up together and experienced life’s ups and downs beside each other (which is, kinda sweet, right?) On a serious note, it’s pleasant to have people who have seen you mature–people that encouraged you to keep growing.

Gelay is one of my high school friends. She is 1/6 of the Tropa (the squad that I constantly feature here on my blog). I knew her back in 3rd Grade–she was a returnee to our school. She attended preschool in our alma mater and attended 1st and 2nd grades in another school. We were seatmates in 3rd Grade and we happened to be seated in the farthest row. She was insanely quiet back in elementary but still, we became good friends–a solid proof to her kindness. Since we became close, I started teasing her to her ‘alleged’ crushes (some of them are her real crushes while I invented the rest) and the teasing hasn’t stopped to this time. On her special day, she embodied the benevolence that she has always contained. #HBDGelskie

10th of December – Saturday

During this year’s summer, we (the Tropa and I) visited Gelskie’s place twice and both stays overly-delighted our taste buds. The former visit is in celebration of her finish in a TESDA course–a course related to her Culinary Arts degree. The latter one is in celebration of a feast in their town. Read my blog entries on these adventures: TROPAdventure 01 and TROPAdventure 02. After that, an extensive series of debut parties followed. We had a great feeling that she will also be celebrating her 18th in a grand manner and so she planned to bake pastries as a giveaway.

We all know that plans will push through as she has celebrated her recent birthdays in such way. This time though, the venue is their real house in Indang (she celebrated her recent birthdays in Mendez). Her birthday landed on a Wednesday and the corresponding celeb followed on Saturday. Trina has Saturday classes while I help my mom doing chores so we both arrived late. I came by my lonesome while she brought Louie along with her. Only Amiel and Carlo were able to make it on time but the main thing is that, we’re complete on Gelskie’s special day. Our semestral scheds always get in the way but no doubt, our friendship is as hard as steel.

The motif for her celeb is pink–almost everything comes with the touch of this color. I’m not in certain of other details but the cake is also pink. When I arrived, the first thing I saw were the decorations. Indeed, they were simple but they reflected Gelskie’s simplicity, which is her most prevailing characteristic. There are a number of visitors–composed of her relatives and college friends. Too bad, our squad are the only ones who made it from our high school batch, brought about by the proximity of the place. Nevertheless, I still value the fact the we are able to make it on her special day despite our busy schedules and academic demands.

The food is superb (and I am not exaggerating)! If there is one reason to go to Gelskie’s party aside from the circumstance that she is celebrating her 18th, it will undoubtedly be food. I had pasta for the main meal while cake and sweets for dessert. Since Carlo and Amiel came ahead of me, the three of us talked as I devour my repast and Carlo dominated the videoke. Gelskie is busy preparing food and entertaining other visitors but she managed to sit down and catch up on us (bday celebrants be like). Soon after, Trina and Louie came and they joined us in the table. We only fared to stay for an hour more and we took photos right before we leave.

Before we depart, Gelskie handed us pauwi composed of menudo, a slice of cake and cupcake that she personally baked. Prior to that, I caught her slicing the cake and placed several portions on a plate. Since I am too shy to slice one for my own, I asked her for one and she told me to slice one for myself since those on the plate are her pauwi to the Tropa. We walked for half a kilometer and caught 2 jeepney rides – one from Tambo to Indang Bayan and the other from Indang Bayan to Mendez. Our conversation were filled with laughter, an evidence to how much we miss each other. We could have stayed longer but some of us have commitments to attend to. #ToBeContinued

Late post but better late than never. Belated happy birthday Angela! Welcome to the club Gelskie! (18 na tayong lahat) You may be the quietest in the squad but you are the kindest and you have the biggest heart. The taste of the food you cook and prepare is just as good as your personality. You deserve all the blessings that are coming your way because you always put other people before yourself. Always remember that (the Tropa and) I are always here for you every step of the way. Cheers to your 18 years of life! More birthdays and blessings to come. Happy birthday future chef! 🙂

Till the next TROPAdventure! – Bry. 121316


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