Merry Christmas everyone! It’s the most beautiful time of the year–admit it or not, Christmas has got to be the highlight of the year despite taking place on the 12th month. Now, all of our stressors have conspired to make way for us to spend the Christmas season with our families. Even the semester ended in time for me (and my fellow Lasallians) to rest and shop for OOTDs and gifts. It feels great how after a busy schedule, you get to take some time off of work and school to celebrate the most wonderful season with your loved ones and friends.

As for me, Christmas spirit has since started to frizzle out as I grow up–which is a sad reality. As I age, it seems that I’m turning reluctant in celebrating the season (perhaps, it is due to the fact that I stopped the ‘pamamasko’ habit years ago; I still receive Aguinaldo from my extended family). #adulting101 But recently, on the contrary, I realized that this season is meant to spend maximum time with your loved ones–a tradition that we have practiced for the past 3 or 4 years. I guess it implies that Christmas can be devoted through a number of ways. Happy holidays!

25th of December – Sunday

When I was younger, my family and I used to spend the day at home (in Mendez) and I, with a few cousins, will visit our relatives in the community. But soon enough, my cousins grew up and stopped the Pamamasko tradition and I aged just in time. Thus, we have since changed the way we celebrate Christmas–instead of staying at home, we visit our grandparents (mother’s side) in Trece Martires. This time, we spent the day in the same manner and I’m glad to rejoice with my loved ones (and I hope you have also spent the holiday with your families as well).

I woke up early and fixed myself up and wore my Christmas OOTD. With my mom and brother, we traveled to Trece Martires City–which is a bus ride, a jeepney and 2 trikes away from our place. While waiting, I caught sight of masses of people in OOTD and roaming around, counting the Aguinaldos they got. I was astonished at first (thinking that it’s been a while since I roamed around the community for the same reason; the streets were filled with colors brought about my clothes) but I shook my head, sighed to myself and said, “This is not what the Christmas spirit is.”

As soon as we reached our grandparents’ place, we are greeted with smiles and greetings and my relatives (except those who are busy with their careers and families) are all present. It took me a while to appreciate their presence but it felt eccentric on my part that we are somehow complete. (Of course, I miss my elder cousins but things are different now, it’s how life is–we grow up but) What’s important is that we able to gather together and ‘tis the season to be jolly. *insert ‘fa la la la la la, la la la la* #anglala

I spent the afternoon reading a novel and due to the weather (mind you: sobrang init sa Trece–feels like a huge oven), I slept with the TV on. While my cousins play and catch up on each other, the food was being prepared. I managed to have my fair share and dined my tummy happily. There were plans of going out to see a film or eat dinner but none of them took shape until afternoon. Note: I went to SM Trece and Tower Mall without a shower – well, I took one in the morning and I’m planning to take a shower before we leave but apparently, there’s no water.

We took separate rides–my mom and brother, Tita Nita, my cousins Kuya Dom, Kuya Kiko, Ella, Delson, Deniel and Rendell are in the pool. We first dropped by SM Trece and the newly-opened slash now-brewing Starbucks branch where I grabbed my favorite Santa Hat Dark Mocha frappe (1 sticker left na lang mga bes and hello 2017 Starbucks planner na). Since the line is insanely looong, I just followed them at Giligan’s–me and my mom’s fave resto. I had Crispy Sisig for dinner–finally had legit sisig fix after 123456 years. It feels grand to dine with my family on that night (too bad, my dad’s left at home).

I spent the rest of the night updating my blog and posting some photos on Instagram. The following morning, we dropped by SM Dasmariñas at Jollibee to grab breakfast–had Jolli Spaghetti and my ever fave Burger Steak and headed home straight. That is simply how I spent Christmas this year–reminded of what Christmas spirit is for a young adult like me. Christmas is a season of giving and spending time with your family. (Not to take it away), Christmas is and will always be about the birth of Our Savior. It is important to share the love and forgiveness this time.

That’s a quick rundown of this year’s Christmas. How did you spend the most beautiful time of the year? I hope you enjoyed the holidays! – Bry


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