Happy New Year! Let’s all welcome 2017 with a positive mind, leading to positive vibe which transcends to positive life (optimism, basically). 2016 is so far the best year of my life–in terms of learning, maturity and a whole lot more. I can’t grasp a single adjective or term that can fairly describe the previous year. It’s as though I hopped into a roller coaster–it’s a cliché that life is compared to a roller coaster metaphorically–that has ups and downs comprised in a single track. Blessings. Challenges. New experiences. Drama. Laughter. New people. Old friends. Family. Thank you 2016!

I’ve started this welcoming-the-new-year entry with the thought of recounting everything that happened in the previous year but looking back–checking old Facebook posts, used planners, Instagram photos and blog entries–on the past 12 months would require real effort on my part. On the contrary, I couldn’t get my thoughts to list down my hopes and plans for the new year (and besides, new year’s resolution are like promises–meant to be broken). So after days (take it literally) of thinking on what to write down below, I’ve finally come up with a quick rundown of how 2016 has been to me.

2016 saw the light for 2 demanding semesters for me as a college student. The 1st of which revolved around a period of dementia–a time wherein I definitely lost track of my priorities and fell into a series of bad circumstances that lead to ruthless decisions. I can consider it a dark time (I can hardly recall how it was in that disposition). On the bright side, I ascertained a number of truths about life–talk about reality check. The latter semester (the recently concluded one) brought back my desire to hit the books–balik loob as I call it–as I enter my sophomore year. It is an eye-opener phase–the road that I took started taking shape and I’m gradually being acquainted on what to look forward to heading to this track. If the 2nd sem of my freshman year is a ‘breakup time’ considerably, the 1st term of my sophomore year would be a ‘make up stage.’

In terms of love, I got into 2 relationships during the previous year. (It’s taboo to talk about exes but basically), the former all boiled down to my shortcomings as a partner brought about by other people’s meddling and intervention–shit talking and dishonesty to be precise. If there is one thing that I learned from this is simply not to let other people stick their noses into your relationship (if you want it to last). My current status: exclusively dating–with a girl who goes by the name of Six. As much as possible, it is just wise to keep it private and not to talk about it (remember my ‘less talking, less chances of jinxing’ mantra? I’m taking that factually) but I can assure you that I am happy with the state of my heart at this moment. I have all my hopes up in this interconnection–to have found someone who’s willing to give unconditional loving is almost miraculous but I believe that some things are destined to happen (‘written in the stars’ as people say). It feels surreal to end an old year and greet the New Year with someone by your side. *winks*

New Year’s resolution: live a healthier life in all ways, in all forms–physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and (most importantly) spiritually. The past 2 years gave birth to a series of lifestyle changes (some of which are beneficial, the rest served as lessons learned). I came to the conclusion that I need to have a consistent and fixed lifestyle in terms of the aforementioned means. Therefore, I ought to have steadiness and stability in everything–not to mention my procrastination and unproductivity. I want to find my fire and keep it burning, to always be motivated and inspire people on the other end. #bagongbuhay #dreamcreateinspire2017

To the one reading this right now, Happy New Year! May this year be filled with peace, joy and love. Let’s all release 2016 with optimism and carry kindness and forgiveness in our hearts. Take a break, breathe and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Everybody have a wonderful year ahead!

PS. To the person who made my 2016 better, thank you!

Bry. X 123116


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