I remember that I wished for the final term to be easy-going in a blog entry before–and so it did. I got exempted on 2 final exams for Prof Ed subjects; the rest of my subjects require either a final output or a practical exam. I only have 2 written final exams for this term (I took the first one prior to the finals week while the last one is scheduled on the last day of the week). Meaning, I only have one exam left on the week but I still went to school on Monday to Thursday for allowance and to polish some requirements. For now, here’s a gallery of my washday OOTDs for the Final period.


Week 13

No classes (All Souls Day)

Week 14

👕 from House of Corinth / 👖 from Huaqi / 👟 from Vans

Week 15

👕 from Bazaar / 👖 from Tribal / 👟 from Nike

Week 16

👕 from Press / 👖 from Huaqi / 👟 from Vans

Week 17

👕 from B+ Active / 👖 from Huaqi / 👟 from Nike

Week 18

👕 from Undefeated / 👖 from Huaqi / 👟 from Vans

Just a quick commentary: For week 13, I chose to stay at home so there’s no OOTD to feature in the first place. For week 14, I wore a white polo shirt from the House of Corinth on top of black jeans and sneakers. #ProudCorinthianHere For week 15, I flaunted a navy blue V-neck top in time for the Students’ Week (and the opening of bazaar). For week 16, I opted for a violet shirt with my name printed on the back on Bonifacio’s Day. For week 17, I wore a dominantly blue-and-orange top–which I collectively call BlueRange–on a stressful day in which most outputs are due. For week 18 (which is also the Finals exams week), I picked a white oversized top with hand signs printed on it.

That’s all for this semester. Looking forward to more blog-worthy OOTDs next year!

Bry x 121816


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