Hello, readers! Welcome to another volume of 10 Awesome Things This Week–ironic ‘cause I’m writing about last week’s shenanigans now since I haven’t got enough time to write this entry last week. So as I was scrolling through my old blog entries (stalking thyself, eh?), I happened to come across the lone volume of this segment; got quite anxious since I haven’t published a follow-up volume since. Just a while ago, I decided to write the 2nd volume–this very entry that you’re reading–and officially create a tab for this blog segment on my blog’s side bar (for you to access it easily). Not to mention, I have other blog series to catch up on but for now, here’s a quick rundown of the top 10 most awesome things that happened/took place last week. Happy scrolling!

1.     Saw Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Fine, I’ll admit it–I haven’t finished the book yet. It’s probably because I crave for a dystopian genre of novel over a fantasy one, unlike this. I’m finding it hard to say if I’m satisfied or not with the film (since I have no basis to compare my judgment upon). Di bale na, I’ll find time to flip the pages of that book.

2.     Saw Julie Anne San Jose’s Facebook Live video

MyJaps has been uploading numerous covers on her YouTube channel and Soundcloud page lately and (in my desire to stream more of her covers,) I have seen a couple of videos posted by a fan–as if those were taken from a Facebook Live video. I later found out that Julie went live the night before Christmas last year, where she sang 11 songs. Check out the video here!

3.     Had a legit pork sisig fix at Mang Inasal

Truth be told–I love pork sisig more than anything. I usually eat more than 2 cups of rice when pork sisig is served on the platter (I mean, who would say no to sisig?). I have tried almost all sorts of sisig but I keep running back to pork sisig–especially Mang Inasal, with unlimited rice and chicken oil to top that. #bestofthebest

4.     Officially enrolled. #27units

I’m officially enrolled! As the term break ended, a new semester began (and you wouldn’t want to ask about the struggles regarding enrollment, I suppose). I just waited for my queue for 4 long hours; ate lunch and slept in between. Mind you, there are friggin’ 500 people waiting on the line before me and I’m lucky enough to get in and pay after 4 hours. #simplejoys

5.     Finally finished Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy

I’ve mentioned Divergent more than a couple of times in my previous entries; pardon me because I’m a big fan of the series. On the contrary, I saw the first 3 films (Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant) prior to reading the trilogy but, I’m still waiting for the 4th film–Ascendant–despite reports claiming that it will be a TV-Movie instead. *crosses fingers*

6.     Edited and published my 2nd Vlog on YouTube

After I got back from Manila, I took a day of rest and went back to my usual ‘blogger routine’; had the chance to edit a new vlog and finish the entry about our Solaire Esacapade (in a span of 2 days, not to brag). I used The Chainsmoker’s new single Paris on the video. #lss Anyway, you can watch the video through this link: Vlog 02: Solaire Escapade

7.     Created a new album on Facebook: 2K17

2017 would probably mark my from-inactive-to-hyperactive lifestyle towards Facebook. #nagbalikloob I used to hate the site/app since I’ve been seeing crappy posts and photos each and every time I browse through my news feed (or maybe I follow/I’m ‘friends’ with the wrong people). I’ve been stepping up my Instagram game big time and it’d be a good idea to share them on Facebook as well. *winks*

8.     Started a new Instagram feed

As soon as I start a new feed, I think of a new feed/filter to use next after it (sobrang advance ba?) and I came up with a new feed idea: Gray–monochromatic but not B&W. I actually got the idea from a friend (and a few bloggers that I follow) and thought that I have enough photos to fill my grid with gray-ish photos–talk about resourcefulness. Check out my Instagram feed here!

9.     Lunch with Gatdula fam

Family lunch will always be the best type of lunch (aside from no lunch at all; just kidding). I am grateful to have shared the table with my relatives–from my grandparents to my aunts/uncles and cousins to my 2 nieces. The Gatdula fam went to Cabalen for lunch on the 22nd in celebration of the birthdays of the 3 Macalalag siblings! #happykid

10.     Solaire Escapade

This has got to be the highlight of my January–to have spent 3 days and 2 nights at Solaire with my college friends (as part of Dairen’s 18th bday celeb). Not that I’ll talk much about it now but I have a blog entry–which I wrote 2 days after the trip–ready to publish on queue; just waiting for a perfect timing. For now, enjoy my 2nd vlog and this Facebook album for more photos.

Those are just 10 of the awesome things that happened last week.

Wishing everyone a productive semester!

Bry x 012317


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