First and foremost, I can’t believe that this segment–ATM with Bryan–has already reached 10 volumes as of speaking (I mean, as of writing)! *mentally shrieking* It’s a feat for me (as a blogger) to have continued a tradition and have made this an experience. In fact, majority of my readers commend this blog series for some reasons. I remember discovering this entry as The Sunday Currently–a link up made by siddathornton, a bandwagon which a number of bloggers have joined (including yours truly). It feels surreal to witness this segment grow and continually develop volume after volume; becoming a favorite among my loyal readers.

The first week of the new term has just ended and (I must say that) I’ll be busier in the coming weeks–knowing that I have a demanding set of professors. First week pa lang, stress na. Apparently, my body clock and system has yet to adjust to the (energy draining) nature of school. Plus, I have exerted my best effort last semester only to witness a single subject ruin my good-looking portal grade page. So now, it seems like I have lost the fire and desire to perform well academically–all because of that subject. Anyway, now is not the time to rant so for now, I’m giving you a list of my at the moments. 😊




course syllabuses or syllabi. *note sarcasm* Nope, scratch that–I’m currently reading Lang Leav’s The Universe of Us. I assume you all know Lang Leav–a poet whose poetry has ripped through the hearts of her readers; Michael Faudet’s other half. I started the book last week but (because of the new semester) I haven’t opened it since so I’m hoping to finish it this weekend! #readermode



the 10th volume of ATM with Bryan–my first segment to reach 10 works. I miss(ed) writing ATM with Bryan since I don’t get to do it as often as before; having launched a few more blog series. Plus, I have finished Life Lately and 10 Awesome Things This Week entries during this week alone–therefore considering this as a productive blogger week. #thisisTHElife I’m crossing my fingers for more writings.


to Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill and Shape of You–the 2 lead singles from Ed’s upcoming album ÷ (Divide) out on 3rd of March. #fastforwardtoMarch (but hey, there’s still Valentine’s so we can’t skip Feb). I’ve been killing the replay button since those 2 tunes were released a few weeks ago; decided to listen to them on my way home. Oh, Ed! What a way to welcome 2017 with bangers! The Chainsmoker’s new single Paris is also a feel good track. #onrepeat



about my homeworks. Sadly, (some of) my professors have already given assignments, not to mention that it’s still the syllabus week. I have enrolled some of my subjects on Schoolbook already but I haven’t browsed through the course syllabuses yet–talk about procrastination, right on. *shrugs* Just when I thought that I can YOLO this week; sabi nga ni Taylor Swift, I should have known.


the smell of fries, ketchup and mayo–just finished 2 plates of fries with powdered cheese. Pure heaven at its finest; after dinner snacks are always the best! As much as I want to share this with you (may pa-generous kuno kunwari), I can’t since I devoured everything and left a clean plate. Yum! Also having coffee at this ungodly hour–my fave flavors all in one sitting. #nosharing



to be more productive in terms of academics. Basically, I am overwhelmed with the prerequisites of this semester alone–overwhelmed in a not-so-good way. I’m starting to worry about the stress that I have to endure (as we reach the final stretch of the term) and the long list of stuffs to accomplish towards the end of sophomore year. *sighs* But… I’m lifting up everything to the Lord! #keepingfaith


to be able to save some bucks for Valentine’s. To be honest, last year’s V-Day is the worst one in my 18 years of existence–spent the entire day in bed, covered with my blanket, chilling because of fever. With that being said, I’m hoping to fulfill my dream Valentine date this year and make it a memorable one. *crosses fingers* I won’t talk about it just yet: less talking, less chances of jinxing. #mantraforlife



a yellow shirt from Justees and a gray pair of shorts from Champion. I wore a plain white tee from Blue Corner earlier at school since I left my Animo shirt here at home; had to make something out of nothing so I wore a hoodie over it (you know, to avoid being SWAFO-ed). When I reached home, I immediately changed to my pambahay–a usual combo which also serves as my sleepwear.


my semestral sched, so far. I have 10 subjects; there are a few things to like about my sched:

1.     I only have a 7AM class on Friday and the rest start at 8:30AM.

2.     I usually have 3 hour lunch breaks.

3.     I don’t have a Saturday class.

and a few things to hate about it:

1.     I can’t squeeze in my duty hours for Field Study 2.

2.     I have a straight 7AM to 4PM class on Friday (2 major subjects and a minor one) with no lunch break in between. #RIPTGIF

3.     I have back-to-back major subjects on Friday.



to write more poetry. I have a new journal (which I received from last year’s Christmas Party) dedicated solely for the love of poetry. Missing the feels of mixing metaphor and rhyming lines to create a piece about love–since poetry is one of my love languages. Sabi nga ni Julie Anne San Jose, heto ang makatang bibo na malinis ang hangarin. Actually, I don’t (think I) have time to open my journal; desperately want to catch up on it.


new clothes to wear during washdays–think I have exhausted all my clothes last semester (but I still have a few tops to wear). Indeed, it is the perfect time to shop for new clothes! The thought of shopping seems to be heavenly but I don’t have the budget to do so. Therefore, I also need some moolah in order to step up my Washday Wednesday OOTD game (and live up to the ‘blogger’ label that my friends attach to my name). #bakanaman


somehow (quite but not extremely) stressed. By saying, I don’t see any visible or tangible reason to feel that way; in fact, medyo chill pa nga ang buhay mga bes. Perhaps, it is because I’m already envisioning that upcoming load of school works in the next weeks to come. I also feel blessed–with all the good things and blessings that are coming my way at this moment. #noneedtocomplain #tooblessedtobestressed


And just like that, we’re on the last week of January. Wishing everyone a love-filled and sweet Valentine Month! Keep spreading the love.

Bry x 012717


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