There are a lot of things that I want to write about: school stuffs, (old and new) friends, recent shenanigans, random thoughts and more so I simply decided to update my Life Lately blog segment; been writing heavily recently since the turn of the year–inspiration, perhaps. The truth is, I feel the urge to write (all day, all night) since the semester just started and I’m readying–piling up new blog entries–since I know I’ll be busy in the coming weeks. Hectic ang sched, mga bestie. I’m hoping to write more about interesting topics (check the ‘Writings’ section on my sidebar for my previous essays; have plenty of them in my drafts) and my fingers itch to work. #bloggermode Let’s take a closer look on how my life is lately.

·        Movie Nights

I’ve been seeing a lot of films lately (not in the movie house, though); some of which I’ve seen by my lonesome and the rest with my friends. I’ve mentioned in a previous entry about our Solaire Escapade–where we watched like 6 movies before we hit the sheets (I enumerated the movies in an upcoming entry about the trip). I also saw The DUFF, which I discovered through a friend’s recommendation; found it hilariously funny and enjoyed the plot of the film. I wasted one afternoon with my boo (ka-tam-is!) with Nerve on screen–a thriller-adventure film which is based from the novel of the same title.

After seeing Nerve, she explained the reason why she does not believe in courtship–that two people can meet spontaneously and fall in love without the getting-to-know-each-other stage. I highly suggest the movie for my fellow adrenaline junkies out there. Calling out Dauntless people!

·        Counter Strike

You think you know but you have no idea–I’m pertaining to the admin / counters in DLSU-D. That is where we pay our tuition and/or dorm rental fees, settle our account balance (if there is any) and unhold our portals (only if it is temporarily blocked). I spent the second and third Thursday of the year falling in line, waiting for my queue at the admin. During the former, I waited for 3 straight hours (no lunch at all) at Counter 12 just to have my assessment for dorm rental for the previous month. I spent the latter one waiting for 4 hours–slept for one hour, had lunch, updated my planner and read a chapter of a novel in between–just to pay for my tuition and have my confirmation slip stamped (so that I can get my COR online).

The hype is real, and so as the struggle.

·        Missed recent Dentist Appointments

Since I just got enrolled, my mom handed me money for my tuition (may konting kickback, just to be fair) and as I have mentioned, I also settled some matters regarding dorm rental–now you know where most of the money go. There are a lot of expenses and unfortunately, I haven’t visited my dentist in roughly 3 weeks now since all the money goes to school. In fact, I paid for my last visit since my mom reasoned out that I have money (from the Christmas aguinaldos last year) and that I would only be spending a little.

There’s nothing oh-so-special and spectacular about my braces lately; though the previous adjustments are extremely painful.

Wala e. I don’t have a good set of teeth and so I pay for a good smile.

For stories about my braces, click here or check on the ‘Tooth Stories’ tab on the sidebar of my blog.

·        Cut Down on Carbs

I’m on a diet! Just when you think that I’m taking diet pills or crash dieting (the ‘not eating anything at all’ kind of diet), you’re dead wrong. There is a good news–well, I still eat but I’m avoiding rice. I often replace rice with bread and a couple of snacks; usually drink (too much) water before and after meals just to return to shape. The struggle comes in when my belly pops out of my shirt or I can’t fit right in my jeans. Plus, I like myself more when I’m thin – or maybe somehow, I see myself better in that shape. Sabi nga ni Ed Sheeran, I’m in love with the shape of you. Sadly, I don’t seem to crave for anything lately: basta may makain lang.

#parasajawline #BalikAlindog2017 #OplanBTS #backtoschoolbacktoshape #LabananAngMicronutrientDeficiency #CheckTheLabel #BeatEnergyGap

·        Dorm Life

I just moved in right on the first day of the new term (since my class is at 8:30) and I unpacked my bags right away–throwing clothes right on my closet, hanging up my denims and uniforms. The first week of school has been a bit of a hassle (at least, so far!) and I have a number of tasks to accomplish–like checking bookstores for our required books this term. Libro pa lang, kabuhayan na. And so I managed to spend a little time at the dorm; usually eat outside and spend less than a hundred bucks for dinner.

I’ve been planning to catch up on sleep recently but plans did not push through because of blogging and/or my body clock–which has yet to adjust. I’m giving it time but so to speak, I’m getting good night sleep at the dorm. Talk about comfy bed and blanket!

·        2nd Semester Begins

Can you believe it? The new semester has just began; quite ambivalent towards it for I don’t know what to expect. I’m hoping for a great and successful term (though that ‘great and successful’ will not come easy) and I (know I) have to work for it. #dreamcreateinspire2017

So this is how life is for me lately.

Bry. x 012517



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