Admit it or not, we’ve all felt that feeling of being in love–in one way or another. I, too, had my fair share of ‘kilig to the bones’ moments and had wished for those moments not to end. Although I believe that true love is not romantic, it’s not bad either to indulge in the kilig feeling heightened by the confusion and uncertainty of falling into something (that can be) real. Sabi nga ni Katy Perry, ‘your world will stop spinning and it’s just the beginning.’ It is truly enchanting to fall in love and celebrate that love–regardless of stereotypes–not just on V-Day but every single day.

Love is best expressed through words but sometimes, words just ain’t enough–that is when music comes to play. There are songs that exactly capture what we feel; when we fail to strung out our words, we let the music speak. Thus, I’m sharing with you my V-Day playlist–a collection of love songs that can (hopefully) strike you the way they do to me. It’s about time to bring back all the kilig (hindi yung past ah?) and nostalgic memories with these love tunes. Sit back, relax and reminisce. Plug in those earbuds and be ready to fall in love over and over again. Happy hearts day!


Yellow Coldplay

Tenerife Sea Ed Sheeran

Mirrors Justin Timberlake

Love Me Now John Legend

Minamahal Sarah Geronimo

Magmahal Muli Ylona and Bailey

Love Moves in Mysterious Ways Nina

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now MYMP

The Way You Look at Me Christian Bautista

Let the Love Begin Julie Anne San Jose and Ralf King

Everything Has Changed Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran

Over and Over Again Nathan Sykes feat. Ariana Grande

Someday We’ll Know Mandy Moore & Jonathan Foreman

Spotify Playlist:

I hope you enjoy listening to this playlist as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I was supposed to trim down the songs to 12 cuts but I ended up with 13 (just bear with the length of the playlist)–love can’t be concised to just a number of songs. As you listen to these songs, I want you to feel the ‘love month’ vibes the way I do. May I remind you, Valentine’s Day is not just for couples and/or people who are happily in love–it is for everyone. So get out of your way and celebrate the love you feel. Be it for friends or family or whatever it is, you deserve to love and be loved. #friendlyreminder

Have you already made plans for the 14th? Just the thought of it is enough to make me feel so excited (hope you feel the enthusiasm as well). But whatever your plans are, I wish for you to have an incredible Hearts Day–by yourself or with the one(s) you love. As for me, (alam niyo naman na inlababo ang lolo niyo) I have plans to spend the day with my girl but I can’t spill it yet but I promise to write an entry about it–hopefully. Aside from that, I’ll also have a post V-Day celeb with my college friends and a pre V-Day dinner with other friends.

Happy Hearts Day!

Bry. x 020217

PS. You might as well include Little Mix’s Shoutout To My Ex on the playlist! *evil laugh*


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