AYO! By God’s grace, I am healed (from chickenpox). Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. #deeplyappreciated I had a really speedy period of recovery–missed only a total of 3 school days; didn’t experience worse symptoms (aside from intense itch and mild fever). I feel glad to return to school after a week in time for the Lasallian Festival which took place from the 27th until the 4th of March (and I can’t wait to write an entry about how the week went). So with that being said, here’s another volume of your fave segment here on my blog. Welcome to ATM with Bryan!

Happy March everyone! A lot of friends and resounding names are born on this month. March babies, you know what to do! Anyway, I’m opening this month with this very entry that you’re reading since I didn’t get the chance to write one during the previous month (blame it on Valentine Week, Prelim/Chickenpox Week and Lasallian Festival for consuming majority of my time). In fact, I missed a lot of things–haven’t updated my planner, been sleep deprived for a week now and put reading (of novels) into a halt. Hoping to get the time to catch up on the things that I miss but for now, I’m giving you a list of my at the moments. 😊




nothing, unfortunately. Just like what I said earlier, reading has been put into a halt–as yours truly have been (extremely) busy in the previous 3 weeks. On another matter, I received my copy of The Maze Runner trilogy 2 weeks ago though I haven’t opened the books since. I’m currently saving up to purchase the 2 prequel novels of the series. #happykid I’m a big fan of trilogies and it is just the perfect timing to start reading these.



the 11th volume of ATM with Bryan. I just checked my drafts and found only 3 entries written last month (far too less compared to the 8 entries I wrote on January). It saddens me to know that I don’t get to write as often as I used to before–a concrete proof to how hectic by schedule has been lately. *sighs* I also haven’t written much poetry recently; haven’t opened my journal in a long time. #writersblock


to Ed Sheeran’s ÷ (pronounced as Divide) album. I’ve been waiting for this album since the two lead singles came out–Castle on the Hill and Shape of You. What a way to welcome the month of March with a banger! I’m currently loving the songs Happier and Galway Girl on the album. I downloaded the album on iTunes (through my friend’s account, with permission) only to find out that Ed uploaded the entire album on YouTube. #fail



of hitting the sheets (and finishing this entry the next morning)–which goes to show how lazy I am. #bravo Today has really been tiring since I had a dentist appointment earlier. Plus, I had to lend some time for errands right after. I’m feeling extra tired (though I haven’t done any heavy task); it’s like all my energy is drained. #helpbeatenergygap #sendhelp I’m also thinking about my 3rd straight cup of coffee.


the scent of caffeine and coffee breath (which I used to hate). I made up my mind–I’m not going for a third cup tonight. *pinky promise* I guess the caffeine circulating in my veins is enough to keep me up until I finish this entry. Time check: it’s already 1:19AM; at the witching hour of Sunday already. In case you’re wondering, I don’t get to drink coffee on weekdays. #random


for some things to get better, little by little. I therefore conclude that we all need to radiate positivity (and I’m trying my very best to do so). Apparently, I’ve been a magnet lately–attracting positive and negative vibes simultaneously. That’s where maturity kicks in; when you choose to tolerate / ignore negativity (only when it’s out of your control). Everybody needs to re-learn the value of respect.



to catch up on the 2 remaining prelim exams that I missed. I’ve been messaging my professor on those (2 major 3-hour Friday) subjects but I’m not getting any reply. Plus, I’m constantly visiting their department but she’s either not around or she just left. #timingproblems If there is one thing I have learned from it, it’s that ‘wag mahihiyang magtanong’ (kung may RiteMed ba nito?). *pun*


a comfy pair of pambahay clothes–Tabang shirt from One Philippines and a black pair of (boxer short like) shorts from Polo. I just changed to my sleepwear earlier before I started this entry. I wore a violet oversized top and a checkered pair of shorts from Vans for today’s shenanigans + rainy errands day. Oh by the way, this pair of clothes make up a black and white ensemble! #ootd #lol


my new Instagram feed. I’m using the NikeLab ACG filter from VSCO for the first time on Instagram; have planned this feed long before and now it’s time to execute the plan. #whenfeedislife I can barely find the words to describe that feeling of seeing your feed ‘flourish’ as your posts pile up–intense yet fulfilling. #onlybloggersknow (If you’re interested), check out my Instagram feed here.


to get wasted–no, scratch that. I want to go to the bar (not to find a lover but) to unwind. I’ve been swiping through photos of the squad’s bar nights and yes, I do miss that feeling of being tipsy. #walwal Or maybe travel. I attended an event last Friday–Bloggers Expo III: Wanderlust Edition– and there are 4 travel bloggers who had a talk in the said event. My virtual bucket list is now filled with new and exciting destinations!



a day between Saturday and Sunday. Basically, the weekends are not enough for me to squeeze in everything that I need to do–catching up on blogging, writing, reading novels and sleep. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy the lifestyle that I have right now but there are some things that I miss. #sepanx When will I ever have extra time to unwind? Walang sagot sa tanong kung bakit…


partly frustrated yet fully blessed. Here goes another mantra, too blessed to be stressed. All the aforementioned circumstances above (like missing a lot of things)  got me feeling frustrated; though I feel deeply blessed because I get the chance to carry out the tasks that I need to accomplish. #bakabukas #balangaraw Thank you Lord for serenity, for the state of peace amid the storms!


through my recent ATM with Bryan drafts. I’ve noticed how ‘dull’ and ‘witless’ this entry is compared to the previous ones. Ugh! Pardon me for this is all that I can offer–for now. Now, I’m getting the ‘I gave my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough’ feeling (which is, again, frustrating). By saying so, I’ll be clicking through articles on how to manage time and stress. #segue


Summer’s almost here; so close I can taste it. But first, everybody have a fruitful month of March!

Bry. x 030517

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