I wandered until I lost myself in a sea of people

Gazing through the blinding rays of the sun, it was the change of season

Like the autumn leaves falling down into the ground

They filled the places like puzzle pieces; each voice finds its sound

I look beyond what the world is trying to portray

The truth is sicker than all the lies that has been spoken

Love is left in the corner like burnt cigarettes on the ashtray

A thousand and one stories my heart has been laden

Your eyes breathe sparks through my entity and I am ablazed

My bones are filled with chills and this heart see clear no more

Bound by a strength but somehow freed by a weakness

This magic is pure and magician is playing encore

You held my hands, kept me close and hadn’t let me go

Tomorrow is uncertain but today is still a holy grail undiscovered

The past might have been ruined but it speaks the way it shows

Pain is served on a platter and we dined with our hearts scattered

The atmosphere is empty and so as the connection that once stood by

We face again tomorrow but that would be a chapter yet to be written

The pages are blank but there are plans left to unfold for you and I

This heavy heart is unfathomed; still a window of chances are yet to be taken


words left unsaid.

People used to say, “Some things are better left unsaid.” Unsaid. Unspoken. the words that did not come to life. How come they were left on the shelf?

There are some certainties about our feelings that don’t exist in the horizon. Somehow, from their respective graves, they come to haunt us. All the damn time. Burying these notions in the first place is a serious crime to commit yet no punishment shall be bestowed.

It is ridiculous that we tend to escape our own reality and create an alternative world wherein everything is crafted and fabricated the way we want things to be. I guess everyone has got that world behind their backs. Behind the spotlight, everyone is a victim of truth.

Personally, I have some words in the back of my mind that I long to utter. Yet some circumstances would not allow me to. Love is bothering me. Right now. At the moment. On point.

The words I have left on my shelf are starting to knock me off – all of them one by one. So why the hell did I intended to hold them? It’s not a question of courage or sincerity but for some reasons, some lines meet at a point and that point is the point of no return.


I wrote a story about how I fell in a ditch. Each day, I’ve written chapters and as each chapter end, I do fear the feeling that the story will soon come to an end. How ironic it is that I fear rising up after falling. As the words unfold, I start to reconnect the stars in my galaxy and trace them into constellations of my own. At night, I lay back and find myself wandering and wondering about how foolish I was to act upon myself. I admit I do regret the chances I did not play right. Dreams come to life as if they were dust turning into sparks in the gloomy aura of the fading sunlight. I catch myself longing for a love I never had in the first place. My heart is empty but not blind for it sees and seeks what needs to be seen and sought. The growing worry like the raging waves of the sea has calmed down. Everything went back to normal and everything built has fallen.


Short exchanges of text messages on a Sunday morning

The music filled the air and the sparks have gone to play

I feel nothing, not even the same old empty feeling

All I know is I’m ready to take a new path right on this day

The wind says something has faded that only time could describe

Yet I hear a soft whisper from my soul that yearns for your love

I could only live upon the words and promises that once came to life

For all we know, fate has only played upon us; the game is too odd

If only I could turn back the hands of the clock

Or even put back the pages that comprised the calendar

Never in my power would I allow us to end up in this position

Nor would I let go of your hand for your fingers are all tied to mine

Memories sweet as sugar but all I’m left to do is to reminisce

I admit I messed up chances; I fucked up my choices

Lying on this bed, playing sad songs cause it’s you that I miss

Given one chance, I would love you and not compare you any less


These days I can’t weather what’s on your mind

It’s as if you turned into a complete stranger before my eyes

Those visions of you and I suddenly turned into dust

And the love I thought we had was erased and thrown away for a second

We’re face to face yet we have lost that connection

Our eyes meet but they won’t stay in that manner for too long

My mind is filled with notions of your mysterious aura

How I wish I could decode your being so that I can justify

There are a thousand and one stories behind your smile

And I’m trying to figure them out one by one

Honey, you are too classic and you never go out of style

All I see in you is perfection even when you come to me undone

I lost count of the moments that you and I had

Neither have I gauged the seconds that your eyes have met mine

If my eyes are recorders everything they have witnessed

I swear I would have them filled with your every little secret

Loving you at this corner is a struggle to be stuck into

Never had the right words nor the guts to lay them upon you

I’m forever lost in this feeling of insanity over your being

To spend my life with you is all that I am seeing


I was lost in everything and you were gone across the old field

Time has kept the wounds unhealed but our hearts bled until we found peace

Chance is the only game that I have known how to play with

Truth is the only curse that’s bittersweet just like oldies

There are untold stories of my life, you were there along with the spotlight

Words we said are worth of a lifetime; chasing dreams of you and I, all tied

Trust is the only thing that matters to me in this moment

Love is the only strength I got cause I was dead mistaken