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Mulanay: Sa Pusod ng Paraiso (Reflection)

Mulanay is a 1996 Filipino film co-produced by the New Tropical Medicine Foundation which starred two of the country’s finest actresses – Jacklyn Jose and Gina Alajar. The movie was written by the respected Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr. and directed by multi-awarded Gil Portes. The plot of the movie revolved around Dra. Ria Espinosa and her passion for work and service as she decided to be a doctor to a barrio called Mulanay.

In relation with the topic “Community Organizing and Development,” I think Dra. Ria Espinosa became the spark that started the change in Mulanay. After finishing her degree in Medicine, she immediately established her path to being a Doctor of a Barrio and she was assigned to Mulanay, Quezon. After arriving at Mulanay, she eventually discovered herself the different problems and complications experienced by the community. Among these are health problems and poverty brought about by the bad habits of the community people including reliance to faith healing, alcohol drinking and lack of initiative to make amends in the community. Speaking to a bigger circle, Dra. Ria Espinosa was also able to reach out to the local government to pay attention to the struggles of the people and raise awareness among the concerned people.

During her first night in the community, Dra. Ria Espinosa experienced some difficulties in adjustment as she is used to life in Manila wherein resources are available. Having stayed in the community clinic during her service days, she met Norma, the community midwife who stood by her side during the time of organizing and leading Mulanay into being a better community.

In organizing Mulanay and paving a way for its development, Dra. Ria Espinosa started with the most important component of the barrio – the people. She then encouraged everyone to practice cleanliness and good habits towards the environment since the surrounding areas are usually the cause of epidemics and diseases in the community. She was also able to raise funds and reach out to the local government to address the issues faced by Mulanay.

Despite being the spark that ignited the change in the barrio, Dra. Ria Espinosa did not accomplish these changes and developments all by herself. She needed the help of the community people, the local government and her family and friends. This made me realize that change might be initiated by an individual but it is still brought about by a collective effort. If it has been without the people then achieving an organized community would be impossible. There are struggles faced by each individual belonging to the community and that is exactly the point to begin with – we deal with our own problems, fixit, before we can fix the entire community.

While some of us are entitled to be leaders, some should step back and settle with the role of followers. For without followers there wouldn’t be an effective leader. An effective leader is backed with an effective plan – as shown in the scene in which Dra. Ria Espinosa made her way back to Manila and left Mulanay temporarily to engage with her own plans for the community. Some of which are to raise funds for the deep well and contact the local government to address the issue about the bridge connecting Mulanay to the town to make way for farmers to be able to market their products.

It is not easy to organize a community especially if you are not a citizen of the certain barrio. I therefore conclude that the first step into development is knowing the problem and identifying the ways by which this can be addressed. Dra. Ria Espinosa has proven that if you want to help, it does not matter if you belong to the community. What matters more is your passion for service and work because these passion is what plays a trick and turns around things that opens the door for a brighter future not only for those who needed rescue but also to those with helping hands who weathered the barriers and painted a blue sky for other people to see the same rainbow they see.

REED141 | 091615 ~

Hello BSE11 and Mrs. Planas 🙂

After reading the comments written on my paper, I feel relieved not because they were mostly positive but because they reminded me that there are a lot of things I should appreciate about myself. I’m grateful to be surrounded with people who appreciate the good in everyone. At the same time, I feel blessed with everything that God has given me.

I realized that we should always find the good in every person we meet. For we are created in God’s image and likeness, each one of us possesses something significant and God-given. I also realized that it is not enough to live by our positive traits; the main thing is to utilize them in order to help other people bring out the best in them.

Thank you to everyone who wrote on my paper! I appreciate you all for seeing God’s image and likeness in me. Thank you also to Mrs. Planas for allowing us to see ourselves from another person’s perspective through this activity. God bless everyone! ((: — xoxobreezy

Discussion: Berbal at Di Berbal na Komunikasyon

Magbigay ng tatlong kaibahan ng berbal at di berbal na komunikasyon bukod sa ang una ay gumagamit ng wika at ang huli ay hindi.

Nabanggit na ang berbal na komunikasyon ay gumagamit ng wika o mga salita samantalang ang di berbal ay hindi. Sa aking perspektibo, ang unang pagkakaiba ng dalawang uri ng komunikasyon ay ang midyum o pamamagitan ng pagsasakatuparan nito. Habang sa berbal ay ginagamit ang bibig o ang mga kamay sa pagsulat, ang di berbal naman ay naisasagawa sa pamamagitan ng ekspresyon sa mukha at ibat-ibang kilos. Isang halimbawa nito ay ang pagtanggi. Sa berbal na komunikasyon, ito ay masasabi sa pamamagitan ng pagbanggit gamit ang bibig o pagsulat ng ‘Hindi’ at ‘Ayaw ko.’ Samantalang sa di berbal na pamamaraan ay naipaparating ang hindi pagsang-ayon gamit sa pamamagitan ng pag-iling. Ang ikalawang pagkakaiba nito ay ang ng pagdedekowd ng mensahe. Ang berbal na mensahe ay dinedekowd sa pamamagitan ng pandinig samantalang ang di berbal na mga mensahe ay iniinterpreta o iniintindi gamit ang mga mata maging ang kutob, hinala, simpleng pakikiramdam at pagiging sensitibo. Isang halimbawa nito ang paglalahad ng pagmamahal sa isang tao. Sa berbal na pamamaraan, ito ay madedekowd kapag narinig ang mga katagang ‘Mahal kita’ samantalang sa di berbal ay madedekowd mo ito kung nararamdaman mo ang espesyal na pagtingin sayo ng isang tao kahit hindi banggitin ang ‘Mahal kita.’ Ang huling pagkakaiba ng dalawa ay ang kakayahan nito sa komunikasyon. Para sa akin, nagkakaroon ng limitasyon ang komunikasyon kapag ito ay berbal samantalang mas nabibigyang diin at lalim ang pahayag kapag ito ay di berbal. Ito ay nagaganap dahil sa berbal na komunikasyon, nakokontrol natin ang ating mga nasasabi at nagkakaroon tayo ng pagkakataong limitahan ang mensahe na ating masasabi. Samantalang sa di berbal ay lumalabas ang tunay na pagkatao at identidad ng isang indibidwal dahil may mga ekspresyon, reaksyon at kilos tayo na kusang lumalabas sa atin at hindi nakokontrol. Palagiang nababanggit na ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ Ito ay marahil sa berbal na pamamaraan ay maaaring gamitan ng kasinungalingan samantalang sa di berbal, kahit tayo ay may nais kimkimin at itago, ito ay nararamdaman at nababasa ng ating kausap.

Ang impluwensiya ng emosyon sa di berbal na komunikasyon ay maaaring maging simple o komplikado. Kung anuman ang nararamdaman ng ating kalooban ay kusang lumalabas sa ating mga ikinikilos dahil ang ating mga kilos at ekspresyon ay repleksyon ng ating mga emosyon. Kapag may mga bagay o mensahe na ating nais ilahad ngunit hindi natin mahanap ang mga tamang salita na dapat gamitin ay kusa nating mailalahad o maipaparating sa ating kausap ang mensahe dahil base sa ating mga ikinikilos at ekspresyon sa mukha, maaari nang mabasa o mainterpreta ng ating kausap ang ating nais sabihin. Gayunpaman, may mga pagkakataon na ang mga kilos na ito ay maaaring maging taliwas sa ating tunay na nararamdaman dahil may mga pagkakataon na sa pagnanais nating kimkimin at itago ang emosyon ay nagagamit natin ang ating kilos kasama ng pananalita upang maisakatuparan ang paglilihim ng emosyon. Sa kabila nito, mas nagagawang makabuluhan ng emosyon ang di berbal na komunikasyon maging ang berbal na komunikasyon.


I just don’t know where the fuck I am up to.

All I know is that every road I take never fails to take me back to you.

I can’t resist you. I’ll damn myself because I’m doing everything just to.


As the song ‘Stuck’ goes, “What am I supposed to do? I’m helplessly addicted to you but you never felt the same.”

I can’t get you off my mind.

You’re like that one drug I’m trying to hit. You’re just so dope that I got addicted.

I’m all addicted to you. Your eyes. Your lips. Your face. Your everything. Your entire being.

As much as I want to get over this whole damn thing about you, you keep creeping back.

My heart is just where you belong.

I can’t resist.

All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.

heavy heart.

Heavy heart.

Pagpasok ko pa lang sa school, ang bigat na ng pakiramdam ko.

Kahit pilitin kong tumawa o ngumiti, wala talaga e.

Nothing can get me of this state. As if nothing can.

This feeling of uncertainty has got me wondering and wandering for some days now.

Maybe I’m love struck. Maybe I’m unworthy. Maybe I’m not appreciated by the person I want to.

 Whatever it is, I just can’t explain.

One moment, I’m high up on cloud nine. The next, I’m stuck in a see-deep emotion.

Paano ba nangyari to?

Honestly, I got no idea. I feel nothing.

I don’t know what to feel.

I take a deep breath and still I feel the same. Ganito ba talaga ang epekto ng pag-ibig sakin? Kung ganito rin lang naman e hindi na ako magmamahal.

Ang hirap. Ang sakit. Napakakomplikado. Hindi ko naman ginusto to.

I can’t even understand the way I feel. Damn this feeling.

My heart is just heavy and my mind is lost. Hindi ko na alam kung ano ang gagawin ko.

I feel empty. She does not care about me.

I don’t know where to go.

I am lost, but not completely.

Even in this blog entry I can’t seem to find the right words to express myself. I don’t know where this blog will be up to either.

I just want to take off some loads and get the heaviness off my heart.

I want shout. I want to tell the world what I’m feeling at this moment. But still I can’t. As much as I want to, I can’t.

Nobody would understand me.

Because even I, myself, can’t even trace the lines back to where this feeling roots.

Maybe I need love. Maybe I need to realize my worth. Maybe I need to be appreciated.

Still, I’m trying so damn hard to stay on track.

Yes, unloading some matters off this heavy heart would be tough.

But I have too. There is no such thing as escape in this insane life.

I have to find a way to get through this make it out.

placement exam.

Placement exam. It was such a big deal all week long.

Here and there, people continuously tried to discourage me from taking English major – not me in particular but everyone planning to take up English.

As they put it, “stampede” na nga daw sa English.

I don’t mind and I fret not.

This is my dream. I will be the one to fulfill this dream.

I understand their concerns though.

Still, I don’t mind and I fret not.

For a dreamer, it doesn’t matter how many people dream the same dream as you do nor how far the finish line is.

I am a dreamer myself. That’s why I’m willing to go through this what they call as “stampede.”

This stampede is the path I want to travel – as much as I want to take the road less traveled, I can’t. Because my heart does not belong there.